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Best Place to See Hippos

best place to see hippos isimangaliso wetland park

Be it in the Water or on Land St Lucia is the Best Place to see Hippos So you would like to see some Hippos but your not sure where or how. Well St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal is a small quaint village situated on the North Coast of Zululand. Population of permanent residents is plus…

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What goes Bump in the Night, St Lucia

best place to witness hippos

The Tales of St Lucia, By Night What Goes Bump in the Night St Lucia Town – nestled between the Indian Ocean on the East and the St Lucia Estuary on the West, surrounded by bodies of water and Wetland park, this quaint little town, quiet by day is truly alive by night. From the…

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Cape Vidal – The hidden beauty of St Lucia South Africa

st lucia south africa's hidden gem Cape Vidal

Cape Vidal – The Hidden Beauty of St Lucia Set in the heart of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa’s very first World Heritage Site. Cape Vidal- St Lucia South Africa The Hidden Beauty of St Lucia I remember so vividly the first time I had the privilege of being able to visit this Eastern section…

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St Lucia the Ultimate Holiday Destination

st lucia south africa's hidden gem Cape Vidal

St Lucia the ultimate Holiday Destination St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal South Africa – the ultimate holiday destination There is no good reason I can think of why not to visit this pristine beauty along the Northern coast of South Africa. Conveniently situated a mere 2.5 hours drive from King Shaka international airport it is easy…

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How Long can a Newborn Hippo Stay Underwater ?

how long can a newborn hippo hold its breath

How Long can a Newborn Hippo Stay under Water?   Newborn Hippos born into the wild face numerous challenges, from predators to the ever changing environment. However these Newborn’s resilience is tremendous. Newborn Hippos weigh between 35 to 40 kg at birth. The female Hippo will give birth to a single calf every two years.…

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Largest Population of Hippos in South Africa

HIPPO population st lucia south africa

Hippos Galore in St Lucia Undoubtedly the largest Hippo Population in South Africa occurs in the area of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, and St Lucia is situated in the heart of Hippo Land. it is estimated that 800 Hippos roam the area and yes we get to see them regularly. Not only in the Estuary but…

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What Locals Love About St Lucia

kwazulu natal south africa ultimate holiday destination

What Locals Love About St Lucia In and Around St Lucia Falling in love with St Lucia is easy, incredible weather year round. Magnificent wildlife on your doorstep and yes we mean on your doorstep. However it’s all about the outdoors if you living in St Lucia. Pristine beaches as far as the eye can…

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African Crowned Crane witnessed on the St Lucia Estuary Banks

African Crowned Crane St Lucia

St Lucia South Africa African Crowned Cranes witnessed on the Estuary Banks Stacey Farrell Stacey Farrell is one of the Rangers/ Skippers at Heritage Tours & Safaris. Incredibly passionate about photography and wildlife. Crowned Crane The only Crane to perch itself in trees, considered living fossils among Cranes. Having flourished in theĀ Eocene period some 54…

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St Lucia South Africa Information and Warning Signs

St Lucia South Africa Information and Warning Signs The quaint village of St Lucia, is home to an estimated population of 500 residents. However during peak season this number skyrockets to almost 5000 visitors. It’s a remarkable village, one which remains virtually green year round due to the subtropical weather. Not only can one expect…

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Why do New Born Hippos climb onto their Moms Backs

new born hippo

Why do New Born Hippos climb onto their Moms Backs? Their are numerous reasons for this unusualĀ behavior New Born’s can only stay under the water for a limited amount of time Depending on the depth of the water these new born’s need somewhere to regain their strength The mother will allow their new born’s to…

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