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Camping Cape Vidal South Africa

Camping Cape Vidal South Africa

camping cape vidal

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in South Africa's first world heritage site.

Cape Vidal in itself is a splendid and fascinating area, from warm tropical Indian Ocean currents that ensure swimming of snorkeling year round. Wildlife that roam the area include Bush Buck, Samango Monkeys, Leopard and many other incredible creatures may be witnessed while at Cape Vidal. Not only can one enjoy an incredible day at Cape Vidal but also enjoy the picnic areas scattered in and around the area.

So why then not Camp in Cape Vidal during one of your breaks, the camp grounds are well maintained and with newly renovated ablution blocks and electric points at all sites one is in for a remarkable treat.

Please do take note that Camping in Cape Vidal is sought after and camping spots get booked up well in advance especially during the festive season and other holidays. It is advisable to try and pre book especially if you would like to camp during these times.

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