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Hluhluwe Safari departing daily to go in search of the magnificent Big 5 in the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa, Hluhluwe Game Reserve. Heritage Tours & Safaris offers daily departures to Hluhluwe Game Reserve these magnificent Hluhluwe Safaris take you in search of the mighty Big 5, Cheetah and Wild Dog to mention but just a few of the splendid animal species one may find while out on a Hluhluwe Safari.

Departing daily this is a early one 5:00am pick up and transfer through to the Hluhluwe reserve, you arrive at 6:00 am. Your personal game ranger for the day offers you a introduction to the reserve, history and some amazing facts on the reserve. Your route for the day may depend on the animals sightings witnessed during the previous day and also according to their migratory patterns that take place during the year.

96000 hectares of exploring and discovering, obviously one can not journey to every area and it is for this reason that experience in the reserve is vital, your game ranger will quickly get you to the hot spots within the reserve, give you outstanding information and discuss in detail the background and history of the save the rhino campaign that started in the mid 60s.

With less than 100 Rhino’s roaming the planet it was the dedication and perseverance of this park that created and established the means and ways to recover the numbers, to such an extent that Rhinos had to be translocated to other reserves across he planet. During your Hluhluwe Safari one may experience this first hand while seeing on display the various methods introduced by the game capture team to not only relocate but also treat various animals while infected with certain diseases. This takes place at the Centenary Centre.

For more information, availibility and rates goto: http://www.gamereservehluhluwe.com/

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