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Leopards while out on a Night Safari

baby rhino and mother

Its been yet another magnificent week to have been on a Night Drive Safari into iSimangaliso Wetland Park, from Elephants right next to the game drive vehicle to Buffalo’s, Hippo’s and of course the elusive Leopard. For a link to Night Drive Safaris click here

The Night Drive Safaris conducted into the Western Shores of iSimangaliso Wetland Park take place every night and the duration is for 3 hours, this nocturnal affair remains a must should you have a love for the bush, be bewildered as the bush sounds and sights will last with you for a lifetime. The last week or so has been incredible with some amazing sightings, the rangers have really outdone themselves with Leopards, it is a bit strange that we have found them so often as it has been really chilly and very strong winds have been experienced as the fronts move up from the Cape. However still they have been very successful with great sightings.

What could be better than Leopard’s blankets and some amazing information on this World Heritage site the very first in South Africa. iSimangaliso stretches from St Lucia in the South and borders Mozambique in the North a large area with some truly splendid places to visit. Each month presents us with something new to look forward too. As we slowly approach Summer the Whales will once again finish their migration past the shores and no sooner have they let us and we have the turtle nesting to look forward too, these leather back and logger head turtles will soon be witnessed from November to end March, at the same time Whale Sharks will also be seen form the shores and a good place to see them is from the Cape Vidal Beach a 29 km drive from St Lucia.

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