St Lucia South Africa Beaches

St Lucia South Africa Beaches

While in St Lucia one has the opportunity of enjoying unspoilt pristine beaches as far as the eye can see. With warm Indian Ocean currents year round one is assured of warm tropical water. temperature’s range from 28 degrees during the summer months to 18 degrees during the winter months. These beaches are known for various activities such as rock and surf angling both during winter and summer. Summer catches may include Shad and during the summer months one may bag species such as Grunter and other game fish.

Other Activities also include the Turtle egg laying season that occurs from November to end March each year, one has a chance to see both Leather Back and Loggerhead Turtles. Earlier in the year one may also witness the Whales migrating of the beaches of St Lucia, the enormous and mighty Humpback whales make their annual migration past the St Lucia Beaches from June to end November a spectacular sight.

One must take care when swimming of the St Lucia Beaches as strong currents are prevalent please do ensure that you are swimming where other bathers are. During the hot summer months please do take sunblock along as the beaches do become very warm and make sure that you have enough drinking water.

The St Lucia Beaches are incredible and pristine. Other beaches in close proximity include the Cape Vidal Beach a mere 28km from the St Lucia Beach this area is within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and is magnificent with a protected bay and splendid picnic facilities its a must while in St Lucia en-route to Cape Vidal one may also encounter various wildlife not to mention some of the highest vegetated sand dunes in the world. Make a stop at the various outlooks and loop roads while taking a leisurely drive through to Cape Vidal Beach.

St Lucia South Africa Beaches

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