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cape vidal south africa

Camping Cape Vidal South Africa

camping cape vidal

Camping Cape Vidal South Africa iSimangaliso Wetland Park Let’s Camp in South Africa’s first world heritage site. Cape Vidal in itself is a splendid and fascinating area, from warm tropical Indian Ocean currents that ensure swimming of snorkeling year round. Wildlife that roam the area include Bush Buck, Samango Monkeys, Leopard and many other incredible…

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Picnic in Cape Vidal South Africa

picnic areas with some incredible views

Picnic Cape Vidal South Africa “iSimangaliso Wetland Park” A place of Miracles Picnic Cape Vidal offers a unique destination not only will you get to experience and witness various wildlife en-route to Cape Vidal, swim or snorkel but also some incredible areas to enjoy a picnic. Picnic areas are scattered about within the area of…

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Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa

Vidal snorkeling

Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa Cape Vidal Snorkeling precautions Please take note that their are strong rip currents in the bay at Cape Vidal, South Africa. Should you like to go snorkeling at Cape Vidal then it is advisable that the following should be noted. Snorkeling should only take place 1 hour prior and 1…

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Launching in Cape Vidal South Africa

st lucia cape vidal

Launching In Cape Vidal South Africa Information Launching in Cape Vidal South Africa All Skippers please use the following as guidelines only. Make sure that you follow all procedures as per the SAMSA Skippers Regulations as well as all other regulations pertaining to fishing. Launching Tips from Cape Vidal Herewith is a good video clip…

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Cape Vidal South Africa

cape vidal beach

Cape Vidal South Africa For those special moments in your life! Cape Vidal, South Africa Overview Cape Vidal, may be accessed from the quaint town of St Lucia. The park is known as iSimangaliso Wetland Park and is truly enormous. Starting in the South (Mphelane Lighthouse) to the border of Mozambique in the North. Please…

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