[heading style=”1″]Cause An Uproar & Lets Save Some Lions ![/heading]

Wow if you have not see this Nat Geo Program  Cause An Uproar well its probably one of the best documentrys I have ever see.

It tells a story about a famaly of Lions who are faceing extincttion. Listen people you may not have thought about this but ,we are loosing all of our large aninmal on the this plant and fast.

[spacer size=”20″]There will come an day real soon, if we ,,,, as a word don’t get together in a real big way and help . Listen to this,50 ys ago there where 450.000 Lions Now just in 50ys there are 20.000?

Whats going on? Well one of the things that is happening is there are now 8 billon people on the planit and these big animails have less and less place to raom.

[heading style=”2″] 450.000 Lions 50 Years Ago Now We Have Only 20.000[/heading]

[note color=”#c0ae62″]”An adult lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away”[/note]

We are in the Safari Business because we want people to see this amazing part of your world and we are passionate about wild life in St Lucia South Africa.

As I was saying this documentry is about this lion famaily and what it takes to servive on a day to day basis shocking.

The photography is ,,well leaves me breathless, the way they follow these lions around on day to day life in the wild is ,It just dose not seem real that they could get in to there  live so personally.


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I still sit thinking how in the world they got this footage? I am a professional photographer myself and I know what it takes to wait for days sometimes to get that one shot ,so when you see this program it will blow you away I am very sure of that.

I  am very lucky to live in Africa and have these animals in our back yard it truly is a privilege and a gift.

[heading style=”1″]The Hluhluwe Imfolazi Game Parks has one of the largest Wild Lion populations in the world [/heading]

[note color=”#6b8740″]” Hluhluwe Is The Oldest National Park In Africa”[/note]

The 1st to start conservation and lead the way to protecting all animals around the world buy sharing research. This is not a big park like the Kruger Nation park but there are so many animals in it that you get many sitings a day of the big 5 and many many other very rare animals,like Honey Badger and Wild Dogs, Leopard, Cheetah who are all on the endangered list 500 Birds and the list go’s on.

There are so many people every year that come on Safari with us/our guides and we take them out to see this life altering world.Talking to them around the camp fires at night listing to what they saw and how its changed the way they see the world and themselves in it.

I have not meet one person who has not said, something truly profound about the feeling they had, when the for the 1st time they heard a lion roar or a 8 thousand pound Elephant trumpet and all the nuts and bolts in the Land Rover vibrate .

The amount of primitive attention these animals demand when this happens is life changing you really feel small in a really big wild place. Its been proven that Elephants can communicate for hundreds of miles with low sound vibrations just like whales ,amazing ! So if something happens in South Africa in few minitts the elliphants in Zimbabwe will know.

If you are or have ever been dreaming of coming to see these spectacular animals we at Heritage Tours & Safari make it a most memorable affordable and life changing holidays you will ever have !

And remeber the money spent on your safari go’s into protecting the wildlife of generations to come.

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