Durban upsets major cities to score travel accolade


Durban, commonly viewed as South Africa’s third city after Johannesburg and Cape Town, has managed a surprise feat, coming in at 7th place on the New York Times pick for 52 Places to Go in 2015.

Milan in  Italy, Cuba and Philadelphia in the USA take the top spots, followed by Yellowstone National Park, Chile’s Elqui Valley and Singapore.

Next up is South Africa’s fast-growing port city, with the newspaper’s reviewer commenting: “No one has bad things to say about Durban, per se; they will agree that its beachfront promenade is lovely and the weather is pleasant year round. And yet Durban, as it is affectionately called, is often scoffed at by Capetonians and Joburgers for being a touch gauche. Well, enough of that”.

So what is scoring points with travel aficionados? Here’s what Sarah Khan says in the NYT:

“The city’s creative set is staking its claim on a hefty share of the country’s cool quotient. The reinvention of Rivertown kicked things off: The city enclave is now home to a popular market, beer hall and, coming soon, a raft of boutiques showcasing proudly local brands (Dirty Indigo T-shirts; Spine men’s wear).

“The beloved but dated Durban beachfront is also getting a serious upgrade, courtesy of new dining spots like Afro’s Chicken, California Dreaming and Surf Rider’s Cafe.”

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Durban is one of the top 52 places to travel to in 2015

Durban is one of the top 52 places to travel to in 2015 according to The New York Times!

We had the privilege of showing our city to world renowned conflict photographer and New York Times photojournalist, Joao Silva, as he documented the sights and sounds of Durban for this article.

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Cheeky elephant won’t stop breaking into this safari lodge and drinking from the swimming pool

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After this elephant was caught stealing water from the swimming pool a few years ago, owners of the pool have been battling to keep him out.

The male elephant, nicknamed by lodge staff as ‘Troublesome’, has now been sneaking into the grounds of Etali Safari lodge in South Africa since 2010 to drink water from the swimming pool.

This repeat offender is no dunce as he has overcome various anti-intruder measures to get a cool beverage –  even resorting to squeezing through gaps near the decking.

Now he has been caught on video, brazenly swaggering up to the pool to take a sip.


Lion Opens Family’s Car Door During Safari In South Africa

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I’ve never been on safari before. It’s on my bucket list though. However I do know one thing, if I was ever to go on one, I would definitely lock my doors.

It’s just common sense. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t what this family has much of, and absolutely sh*t their pants when this lion opens the passenger door on them.

Luckily, they reacted pretty quickly and slammed it shut, but I’m sure he just wanted to have a sniff or something (I like lions). Regardless, my heart would have missed a beat.

Wildlife Safari in South Africa

South Africa is the land of varying allures and attractions and it is hard to describe this vast country in few words. Great history, beaches, wildlife reserves and cultural diversity; South Africa leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to activities. Its cities have a character of their own and wildlife safari acquaint you some of the interesting creatures on earth. In fact, its animal life inspires travellers to book a flight to South Africa and embark on an animal safari. Here we acquaint you with some of the best wildlife safari experiences in South Africa.

Kruger park

Kruger National Park

South Africa’s largest and best-known national park is known for the presence of famous Big 5. Kruger National Park is one of the best destinations to see the varied animal life of South Africa in its natural setting. Most of the travellers choose Kruger over other parks as it offers almost guaranteed views of Big 5 and accommodation and dining for every budget. Being connected with air services also works to its advantage.

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KwaZulu-Natal may not be famous with expats but it is well liked by locals who come to visit this destination in hordes. Sunny beaches, subtropical coasts, magnificent mountains and a good number of lodging and accommodation options makes it a hot favourite among vacationers who come here for game viewing, bird watching and testing their guts in adventurous activities.

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Well, theirs no doubt Durban South Africa is a must, to put on your list to travel while in South Africa. the diversity is endless. From a hip city to great cultural restaurants, and wildlife unmatched.

Yes, Kruger is bigger, but that has it drawbacks.

The sheer size of the Kruger means you need more time than just 2 to 3 days to see the big five. The great part about the KwaZulu-Natal game parks like Hluhluwe Imfolozi and Isimangaliso is, they are relatively small in square km.

This means more animals in small areas. So your chance of seeing big 5 within your 1st 1hr or 2 is very high. Heritage Tours & Safaris are located right in the heart of this great adventure land and specialize in WildLife. Heritage Tour And Safaris have been doing this for 14 years now and counting.

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From Safari packages like 2 day Safaris to 4 and 7 days full luxury excursion into the wetlands of  Isimangaliso wetland park and Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Game parks.

We can also take you into the Kruger Park as we run safaris there as well, booking inquiries can be made here for Kruger Park.

We, also run river cruises on the st Lucia Estuary twice a day and night drives, to catch some leopard and other great creatures running the night. there really is no limit to what you can experience with Heritage tours.

After 14 years specializing in this area with guides of top caliber, we really can give an experience of a lifetime. According to what our clients are saying, we do just that.

So book an experience of a lifetime tick this of the dream list and take away memories you’ll never forget.

We can also arrange pick-ups from the airports at Durban & Richards bay and have some of the best options for accommodation while staying here with us in st Lucia South Africa

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